Monday, March 24, 2008

Underwater World

Well, we're back. We came back on Sunday afternoon because two days of Beka missing her naps and getting up at 5:45am were too much for her (read that "us") to handle. She had a big sleep last night and is very much happier. We stopped at Underwater World on Friday as you can see from the above photos. Nothing makes you feel small like a huge stingray or shark swimming above you. You can also see the SUV they modified into a fishtank. Josh thought that was cool. We got to see a seal show. They also had a special section called Creepy Crawlers. At the entrance to that area they had a HUGE plastic spider crab. Totally freaked the girls out. They cried wanted to be held, couldn't handle being anywhere near it. I laughed at them but when we saw the real spider crabs I shuddered. They are big, like more than 2 feet across and eerily like spiders. So creepy. Didn't get pictures of them though because of all the freaking out (the girls not me). Still, we had fun and the girls really enjoyed it. And as a disclaimer I would like to say that the girls dress themselves. =) And yes, I have a stupid fake cheesy smile for the top photo. Oh well. =)

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Anonymous said...

looks like fun Welcome home!! Missed you those three days. At work tonight. look for you