Monday, March 17, 2008


Well, today is a busy day. 3 posts. Anyway, kinda funny but painful story...Last week Josh was doing his job and went to get something out of the storage shed and hit his head. The storage shed is metal (obviously, as most sheds are) and the door lifts up and is then propped open. The problem is that even I have to duck my head to get under it, let alone 6'6" Josh. He ended up smacking his head right on the corner of the door. He could've gotten a stitch but didn't go in to hospital. It wasn't very long but was deep. Anyway, that is just starting to heal and isn't so sore today. So, what did he do today? Well, he was helping the guy check out the security system (it's been giving them fits for weeks) and ended up getting hit by a metal fan blade in the back of the head. This time Steve took him to the hospital. Josh called me on the way to the hospital to let me know they were going to get it checked out ( He only called me because Steve told him to). I called him about an hour later and that's when he told me that he'd gotten three stitches. He also told me then that he had a computer job to go do and then a school board meeting so he'd be home late. Silly boy, major headache and three stitches but still working. Is that committed or crazy??? And today was supposed to be his day off. Maybe he'll take tomorrow off instead. =)

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