Friday, March 7, 2008

Swimming Lessons

Every Thursday we join HBCA's prep class (Australia's preparatory year is basically like the US's K-5) for swimming lessons at our local aquatic centre. Emma and Catie take lessons and Beka plays in the water. If either Catie or Emma look slightly terrified in their photos it's because they are. They live in fear that the teacher will make them swim on their own. =) However, in Hervey Bay swimming is a life skill so off we go every week. They actually love the pool and look forward to going each week especially if we ride the bus. They just aren't confident in their swimming skills yet. At least Emma doesn't cry every time she gets water in her face anymore. Baby steps, baby steps.

P.S. Riding on a school bus with a bunch of kids is so much worse when you're a parent. I don't remember it being that bad when I was in school but now.....oh my goodness. The noise, the bouncing, the wanting to puke--Riding a bus is not good.

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Anonymous said...

Look at those girls ... all growed up! ;)
Kudos to you ... riding on a bus! I would get so sick - blech! I have turned into an old fart. Can't handle any of that stuff. Anyway ... love seeing the girls in swim lessons. So fun! :)