Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Beka's room AFTER

This is Beka's room after my organizing. The dresser will go in the craft room, probably. At the moment it is in my bedroom since I didn't want to drag it all the way down the hallway. Josh is talking about moving the computer into the craft room so we will see what happens. Anyway...
The toy kitchen and food stuff are out of the main room now, the bookshelf from the craft room holds their books and some baskets of toys (like blocks and Mr. Potato heads and accessories) and I moved the Little People toys out of my linen closet. There isn't a bar in Beka's closet due to some little girls hanging on it and breaking it. I'm hoping Josh will put two bars in it next time and we will hang the dress-ups in the closet and move them out of my linen closet as well. If you notice I also added some ribbon from my huge stash to pull back the curtains. The girls helped move the books into this room and as soon as I took the photo started playing and messing it up. =) But we cleaned it before nap time and it's tidy at the moment.
Now I just need to fill the main bookshelf up with stuff from the craft room and organize that room. And organize Catie and Emma's room too.

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thehomespunheart said...

Another job well done!