Monday, December 29, 2008

my new dishwasher!!

Make sure to check out all the bazillions of posts I've posted below this one. Lots of photos!!

table tent and park

circus side

ocean side

house side (and the side opposite this is house too)

big metal echidna--highlight of the park for Emma

This park is in Woocoo just west of Maryborough. Mom got a Fraser Coast guide while she was here and the park was in there. We've been looking to go ever since. The park was smaller than we thought but it was totally deserted on Boxing Day. They had heaps of animal figurines including the metal echidna. There were also statues of the Woocoo settlers. We had a nice play on the playground and then came home.


new towel from Grammy

new skates from Grammy and Papa

dress-ups from the S's


new towel from Grammy

new dress ups--dress and headband from Grammy, necklace, earrings and wings from us

new skates from Grammy and Papa

dress-ups from the S's


new towel from Grammy

new outfit from Aunty Tasha (no, I'm not picking my nose!!)

trying on the cowboy dress ups

new bracelets from Aunty Tasha too.

Christmas Eve with Grandma and Grandpa

They each got new bears from Great Grandma. And you never see pics of me and Josh so I thought I'd add one. Even though I don't like it but that is totally not the photographer's fault. Just mine. =)

Christmas Eve

The girls were looking forward to sleeping in the front room by the Christmas tree. We got them all tucked into bed, turned on the tree lights and turned out the reg. lights. They settled in to sleep.

An hour later they were still talking and arguing so they got moved to their own beds. Maybe next year. =)

stockings and stuff

Mom made a snowman stocking for me to match the girls' stockings that she has made. Josh's is the big stocking that the S's got him one year. And inside my stocking she tucked this cute snowman stacker. Love it!! And she made me a bear out of Granny's old bedspread with buttons and ribbon from Granny's stash. So special. And it matches my front room beautifully! Thanks Mom!!


in their Christmas cards from Grammy!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

yay!! for Christmas

I have pictures to post. And kids to bathe. I can tell you about the fun day we had finding a park that we've been talking about going to for a few months. But instead I'm just going to say this.....


Yay!! We went and bought a dishwasher this morning. Called our friend the plumber and asked if he could work it into his schedule soon. He came over this afternoon and brought his lovely wife (Hi Roseanne!!) =) And while we ladies sat and chatted and ate chocolate and folded clothes (Thanks Roseanne!!) the guys went and bought the stuff necessary and put the dishwasher in!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

It is about 7:45 Christmas morning. We've opened a couple gifts, emptied the stockings and are just about to get dressed for church. We gave the girls juice boxes and individual cereal packets in their stockings for a fun (easy) Christmas breakfast. Hard to do the big breakfast with cinnamon rolls, scrambled eggs, etc. and get ready for church before 9:00.

The last two days have been fun. We spent the entire day Tuesday with the Sauvageot's. Part of the day we went to the nursing home and participated in their Christmas service. The girls sang "Away in a Manger" At the end of the afternoon we went to the driving range and hit our way through a few buckets of balls.

Yesterday we cleaned house and wrapped some presents then headed to the Risser's for Christmas Eve. We had a lovely family time opening gifts and eating a scrumptious dinner followed by even more delicious desserts. Gwen did a fabulous job.

Today after church we'll finish opening gifts and have a lazy day. Maybe we'll make a birthday cake for Jesus all together. I'll take some photos and post them later. And, Mom, I finished the table tent around 11:30 last night. I'll take photos of it later. Josh was even impressed by it. =)

Merry Christmas!!

Pink Christmas

I participated in Pink Christmas this year. It was fun. Here is what I sent:

And here is what I got:

Does she totally get me or what? Hershey's kisses, Reese's mini peanut butter cups, Lucky Charms, and then two gorgeous signs. I love the R and what a great sentiment on the other. Gorgeous, I love it all!! And it was wrapped so beautifully I'm sure until customs got a hold of it. Oh, well. still beautiful and I love the snowflake ribbon.

Monday, December 22, 2008

It's a Miracle!! =)

yes, that is my kitchen counter. Yes, the miracle is that you can see my kitchen counter. Soon, it will be covered in cinnamon rolls and banana muffins but at this moment, for the first time in, oh, let's just say A WHILE, it is clean!!! Ahhhh.... Now I'm off to clean that big huge laundry pile that I've been sleeping in that used to look like my bedroom. =)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Our Week

* Don't know if you can tell (you should be able to click on the pic and enlarge it) but Emma was Mary and had a baby stuck up under her dress. I believe the stable was under the trampoline. "and it came to pass...that she should be delivered." =) *

We had our last Sunday school in the morning. Next week we start the morning service at 9am because of the heat. We had lunch at the Sauvageot's and came home around 4. We headed back to church at 6:15 to get the girls in their costumes for the Sunday school program. I posted pics earlier this week.

We spent a lot of the day at the school printing off and folding and stapling the 100 Church Directories.
Daddy went grocery shopping with us. And to the post office too.

We had the Sauvageot's over for morning tea. I wanted to have them over but am still figuring out groceries on a budget and figured feeding them morning tea was easier and cheaper than dinner. =) Then I made and decorated a cake (and it looked so stupid) and took it to the Young Adult's Christmas/end of year/goodbye activity. We came home before it was done though because we took the girls and they needed sleep because Wed. was going to be a big day! And I was right!

Ben's 8th birthday party started at 10. It ended after 12 sometime. Jennie did an excellent job putting together a western cowboy themed party with only a day's notice as the place she had planned to have the party closed suddenly. Jennie and I went out to lunch with Steve and Josh while Trevor watched my girls. Then I brought the girls home for naps then we headed back to the Sauvageot's for Ben's family birthday dinner. And Bible study was at their house too.

We (Jennie, Ginger, Susan and I) decided to try out a water aerobics class that started at 10:30. We were only 10 minutes late. =) I dropped the girls off to the school to hang out with Josh for an hour or so. Pastor Samuel came by for a meeting and felt bad so took them home to his house to play with Isabelle. Susan and I went shopping for a few minutes at Target and then picked the girls up. We're home now and the girls are resting. The agenda for the rest of the day is clean the house and go to bed early.

The plan is to meet the Sauvageot's at McDonald's in Maryborough at 6:30 am. Every year we take a big shopping day, normally to Bundaberg. This year we decided to hit the big shopping mall in the Sunshine Coast--about 2.5 hours away. We'll shop all day and then come home EXHAUSTED!!

There is a work day at Pastor Samuel's house. It starts at 9:00 I think. Better check the bulletin. After several hours of working in the sun I think we'll come home for naps in the air conditioning. =)

Monday, December 15, 2008

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