Thursday, December 4, 2008

Catie update

Went to the clinic today and got an xray. The bones are healing beautifully. Haven't moved at all from when they set them. We had been told she'd get a new cast today but she didn't. He said the minimum they keep the cast on is 3 weeks. Her next appointment is in 4 weeks. They'll take the cast off, send her for an xray and then decide if she still needs a cast. Hopefully not.

We heard yesterday that a friend of Catie's broke her arm too. When you pray for Catie's arm can you please pray for I's arm too? Thanks


grammynurse said...

Yeah Catie!!! Good to hear Meghan just got her cast off yesterday So sorry about I Broken arms seem to be prominent this year

Debbie said...

Hope that you dont have to wear the cast too long Catie!