Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Kids' Bathroom update

So back in May in this post I was trying to figure out a good arrangement for a "gallery wall".  I had these little canvases that the kids painted but they got axed in the final arrangement.  So I moved them to the bathroom.  And they look really cute in there.  Catie, Emma and Beka each drew then painted their picture.  For Nathan I drew a tractor outline then let him fingerpaint over it.  And as you can see in the last picture I made a butterfly with Naomi's footprints for her canvas. Catie was given a canvas for her birthday and drew/painted the vase of flowers.  We put it up by the mirror.  and to further the {tiny} update I found S hooks at the cheap shop to hang their towels up on the towel bar (They came in packs of 2 so Naomi's towel is still hanging on the door handle). And downloaded some "Wash" "Brush" "Flush" signs then printed, framed and hung them up.  The "Flush" one is obviously above the toilet but I decided not to show you that.  You're welcome.   The cute flower and birdie vinyl transfers are still up making the kids bathroom a fun, bright, cheery room.