Friday, November 26, 2010

we dot hairtuts

Somehow I didn't get a picture of Emma while her hair was being cut and I didn't get pictures of the other kids after their hair was cut. But we all got haircuts from Auntie Tasha.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

bad blogger

I have been so bad. We've been so busy playing and talking and having fun that I haven't had time to get on the computer. I think I've been on the computer for about 10 minutes total in the last couple weeks. Today, however, Mom and Dad are off running errands, Josh took the girls geo-caching with uncles and cousins, Tasha and her sister in law are shopping, my sister in law is not up yet and Nathan is sleeping. So, I've decided to take advantage of the quiet and schedule some blog posts.

The airplane trip went fine. VERY long but the kids were really good. We were tired when we got here but enjoyed an evening of food and fun with my parents and my sister and family. I did have to wake the girls and Josh up in the morning to get to church on time. Nathan's sleep schedule was all messed up but he's back to normal now it seems.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving so my two sisters and their families will be coming to Mom and Dad's for dinner. Well, we'll probably hang out most of the day. And then on Friday are the infamous Black Friday sales so my sisters, mom and I are going to join the crazy and go shopping. Should be lots of fun.

I'll put some posts up with pictures for you all to enjoy. And I'll try to be more consistent with them.

TTFN!! =)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

painting with Grandma

Well, obviously I've been posting ahead this week. We should be just getting in the air now if everything has gone to plan. See you on the other side--of the world that is!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

the girls made me do it =)

well, actually they did most of the work. I just drew circles and manned the hot glue gun.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I just can't stop!

apparently I craft when there's a million other things to do.

I made this flower clip on Monday. I really really like the petal pushers that Lindsey makes. So when I saw this tutorial I thought it might be similar. Wasn't going to do it anyway, but Emma saw the rose up on the screen and wanted one. So I made it. I cheated in that I used the machine for all the sewing bits and then hot glued it on to the clippie. Super easy project. Probably only took me 15 minutes. Catie and Emma want to make one themselves and I have some felt so I might have to let them do that. But I think I'm out of clippies so we might have to bring them with us and then buy some clips over in the States to glue them on.

Another snowman clip. (on the left in Emma's hair. Catie is wearing the first one I made.) Actually this is the second one I made but I didn't like it at all. however, the girls like it so I glued a clip on and they love it. whatever.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Friday, November 5, 2010

confession and other random stuff

so, sadly, I lied the other day. I have not kept my house clean. And I don't hardly have anyone to blame. Sure Nate's to blame for all the toys out but he is not to blame for his dirty clothes not making it to the hamper and dirty dishes in the sink and the general neglect as I have chosen vegging, playing and crafting over housework. I've barely even cooked. But an hour this morning has put that to rights. I now have a nice tidy house and a whole day, ok, maybe 3/4 of a day stretched out before me.

I have been productive in other areas though. So far I've made a bag and three pillowcases and fixed a dress. I'm caught up on laundry. I even have the girls' big quilts hanging on the line today. I decided that it was better to wash them now when I have a full week for them to dry. (it's rained here all day yesterday and looks like it is going to rain again today.) They haven't been sleeping under them the last couple weeks anyway so this way they'll be clean and packed away. And Friday I'll have light blankets and sheets which can be put in the dryer. I think with towels I will have the girls shower Thursday afternoon then wash their towels and hang them out to dry (Nate's too). Then we'll shower at our friends' place on Saturday morning before going to the airport. Mine and Josh's towels go in the dryer so I'll do them Thursday night. and then probably hang them back up to make sure they are totally dry rather than boxing them up.

Nate has really been into hide & seek lately. He loves for me or Josh to run away and hide. He comes looking for us and LOVES it when we jump out and scare him. He laughs and laughs and laughs. He also likes to get away from me when I change his nappy and run through the house naked. He giggles the entire time he is running away. such a boy!! last night at the golf club he discovered how to open the automatic door and thought he was so clever. He has even started throwing away his dirty nappies. I just have to teach him the difference between the rubbish bin and the laundry hamper. Apparently nappies can go in whichever one is closer.

This really is a random post. But I can't believe that we leave for Brisbane 1 week from today!! So much to do! Catie finished one school book so has only 3 more to go. Yes, I know that's a lot for 1 week but they're not that difficult. Emma has only about 10 pages left. I need to clean out the car and under the kitchen sink, go through the freezers and fridge, stay caught up with laundry, get the girls to completely tidy the backyard (although if Josh mows tomorrow then I'll have to do that today.), finish packing, keep the house tidy, etc.

I am SO EXCITED about this trip. completely dreading the airplane but SO EXCITED to see everyone!!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

snowman or penguin??


well, the girls were gone less than half an hour before I got bored. =) So I took the scraps from my skirt and made a bag. And I'm pretty happy with it. Not sure exactly what I'll do with it but I've got a couple ideas.

like my skirt it has cute polka dots on the inside. =)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Ve have ten, ten days until ve board our airplane so here is ten, ten random things
  1. The girls are headed to Grandma's house for a "holiday". They are driving to Brisbane tomorrow to pick Grandpa up from the airport and then will spend the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa.
  2. Nathan is cutting molars. He is a super grumpy baby lately.
  3. My house is clean and should stay that way the rest of the week!!
  4. My girls have headlice. AGAIN! Don't know where they came from but it isn't too bad at the moment. I promise they won't bring them to America.
  5. I might do some painting this week. We'll see how Nathan is.
  6. I packed the girls' clothes yesterday. (for America)
  7. I thought I had enough nappies and wipes to make it to next weekend but I don't. so I'll have to buy small packs of those to get us through.
  8. My girls so very badly want it to snow while we are in America. Please pray that we get one good snow while we are there.
  9. I think I've forgotten how to cook for only two people. I can probably make one dinner and we could eat it for the rest of the week. =)
  10. I'm already trying to figure out how to have the laundry all done and what to do with the sheets/beds when we leave next Friday. Should I have clean sheets on Thursday night and then leave them for two months or do I wash and dry them on Friday and let the mattresses air out for two months??

Monday, November 1, 2010


we have 12 days left until we get on an airplane headed for the U.S. of A. 12 days!!! Wow! And we are headed to Brisbane on Friday so technically only 11 days until our holiday starts. So many things to do before then.
  • Catie is a bit behind in schoolwork. So we need to work hard to get her finished.
  • Finish packing
  • Clean out pantry and freezer.
  • clean up backyard
  • clean out the car
  • clear out fabric from the craft room so I can bring home more fabric. =)
okay so maybe that doesn't seem like a lot but it can't all be done ahead of time. I'm trying to cook out of the freezer and pantry and not buy groceries. I've packed Nathan's and my stuff and the girls' stuff is sitting waiting to be put in suitcases. Josh is still wearing some of his warm clothes (he is so going to freeze) so I won't pack most of his until the last day.

The girls are going to spend the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa so it will be me, Josh and Nate this weekend. Josh has to go to Spotlight for curtains for the new school building so we'll make a little day (or morning or afternoon) trip out of it.

Well, I'm off to help push Catie to do more schoolwork. TTFN =)