Thursday, November 25, 2010

bad blogger

I have been so bad. We've been so busy playing and talking and having fun that I haven't had time to get on the computer. I think I've been on the computer for about 10 minutes total in the last couple weeks. Today, however, Mom and Dad are off running errands, Josh took the girls geo-caching with uncles and cousins, Tasha and her sister in law are shopping, my sister in law is not up yet and Nathan is sleeping. So, I've decided to take advantage of the quiet and schedule some blog posts.

The airplane trip went fine. VERY long but the kids were really good. We were tired when we got here but enjoyed an evening of food and fun with my parents and my sister and family. I did have to wake the girls and Josh up in the morning to get to church on time. Nathan's sleep schedule was all messed up but he's back to normal now it seems.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving so my two sisters and their families will be coming to Mom and Dad's for dinner. Well, we'll probably hang out most of the day. And then on Friday are the infamous Black Friday sales so my sisters, mom and I are going to join the crazy and go shopping. Should be lots of fun.

I'll put some posts up with pictures for you all to enjoy. And I'll try to be more consistent with them.

TTFN!! =)

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