Friday, November 5, 2010

confession and other random stuff

so, sadly, I lied the other day. I have not kept my house clean. And I don't hardly have anyone to blame. Sure Nate's to blame for all the toys out but he is not to blame for his dirty clothes not making it to the hamper and dirty dishes in the sink and the general neglect as I have chosen vegging, playing and crafting over housework. I've barely even cooked. But an hour this morning has put that to rights. I now have a nice tidy house and a whole day, ok, maybe 3/4 of a day stretched out before me.

I have been productive in other areas though. So far I've made a bag and three pillowcases and fixed a dress. I'm caught up on laundry. I even have the girls' big quilts hanging on the line today. I decided that it was better to wash them now when I have a full week for them to dry. (it's rained here all day yesterday and looks like it is going to rain again today.) They haven't been sleeping under them the last couple weeks anyway so this way they'll be clean and packed away. And Friday I'll have light blankets and sheets which can be put in the dryer. I think with towels I will have the girls shower Thursday afternoon then wash their towels and hang them out to dry (Nate's too). Then we'll shower at our friends' place on Saturday morning before going to the airport. Mine and Josh's towels go in the dryer so I'll do them Thursday night. and then probably hang them back up to make sure they are totally dry rather than boxing them up.

Nate has really been into hide & seek lately. He loves for me or Josh to run away and hide. He comes looking for us and LOVES it when we jump out and scare him. He laughs and laughs and laughs. He also likes to get away from me when I change his nappy and run through the house naked. He giggles the entire time he is running away. such a boy!! last night at the golf club he discovered how to open the automatic door and thought he was so clever. He has even started throwing away his dirty nappies. I just have to teach him the difference between the rubbish bin and the laundry hamper. Apparently nappies can go in whichever one is closer.

This really is a random post. But I can't believe that we leave for Brisbane 1 week from today!! So much to do! Catie finished one school book so has only 3 more to go. Yes, I know that's a lot for 1 week but they're not that difficult. Emma has only about 10 pages left. I need to clean out the car and under the kitchen sink, go through the freezers and fridge, stay caught up with laundry, get the girls to completely tidy the backyard (although if Josh mows tomorrow then I'll have to do that today.), finish packing, keep the house tidy, etc.

I am SO EXCITED about this trip. completely dreading the airplane but SO EXCITED to see everyone!!!!


grammynurse said...

And it goes on and on and on. Things that don't get done will be done in Jan. It will be nice to come home to a tidy clean house and be able to catch up on sleep for maybe one day

Excitement is high on this end too.

Vanyah said...

Enjoyed reading your "Ramblings" ;~)My oldest is learning about your Australia, I've so wanted to go visit that place so I'm enjoying learning with him. Sure hope y'all get to see snow here in the USA...I know how that is with kids, we live too far south for snow.... Don't feel bad, with 4 kids and homeschooling my house gets turned upside down at times as well. OH MY, look at me I'm rambling....sorry, have a BLESSED day.

Vanyah said...

So enjoyed your son is reading about Australia in History, loving it we both are.
Hope y'all see snow her in the USA. God bless