Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I just can't stop!

apparently I craft when there's a million other things to do.

I made this flower clip on Monday. I really really like the petal pushers that Lindsey makes. So when I saw this tutorial I thought it might be similar. Wasn't going to do it anyway, but Emma saw the rose up on the screen and wanted one. So I made it. I cheated in that I used the machine for all the sewing bits and then hot glued it on to the clippie. Super easy project. Probably only took me 15 minutes. Catie and Emma want to make one themselves and I have some felt so I might have to let them do that. But I think I'm out of clippies so we might have to bring them with us and then buy some clips over in the States to glue them on.

Another snowman clip. (on the left in Emma's hair. Catie is wearing the first one I made.) Actually this is the second one I made but I didn't like it at all. however, the girls like it so I glued a clip on and they love it. whatever.

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grammynurse said...

Getting ready for the snow!! I told you it was warming up this week... But... a cold front is coming through on Friday. I've got some fleece jackets for the girls and will bring them to the airport. BTW I made two nighties for each of the girls. Less to pack unless they have special jammies to bring. BR is finished except for doors on the cabinets. Oh well, we llived with no cupboard doors for about a year when we moved in!!