Monday, November 30, 2009

this that and the other

I don't like posting without photos and it's a pain to do the photos on the other computer. Hopefully it will get sorted out somehow. At the moment, I write the post then save it. Then I close blogger and connect to the other computer, open blogger on that computer, add photos and post. Annoying.

It's hot here today. Even with the rain it's still humid. Oh well, it's the last day of spring so this is what we're in for over the next few months. Can you believe that we are already on the verge of December and a new year??

Nathan turned 3 months last week on Thanksgiving. Amazing!! He's changing so much every day and seems so big already!! =( I am really enjoying him though and we all love playing with him and making him laugh and smile! I have dubbed him the "poo master" though as he regularly poos through his clothes. Especially every time he wears white. Thank goodness for stain remover sprays and sticks.

I am cautiously saying that Beka is well and truly potty trained during the day. YAY!!! So now I have one in nappies and 2 in pull-ups at night. And I don't mind that at all!

Cried last week at church as one of the older ladies held Nathan. He was really fussy that morning but as she held him he laughed and cooed at her. Made me miss Granny as I realized that she will never hold him like that. actually I'm crying again remembering.

Anyway, here we are entering the Advent season. As usual I don't feel Christmassy when it is hot and yucky but having kids helps get me in the spirit. Can't believe it's already less than 4 weeks away!! We put the tree up last week and I've started using my Christmas towels, potholders, etc. Now I just need to put the a/c on and watch some Christmas movies and whatnot. One of my favourite Aussie traditions is to watch the Christmas carols on tv with the a/c going strong. Makes me feel a little more christmassy. That reminds me that I need to find out when they are on tv.

Sorry for the ramblings. I'll try to get some photos up. TTFN!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mama Murphy's Laws

  1. if baby is asleep and you start a project that will take a bit of time or can't be done with baby on the hip--baby will wake up.
  2. if baby is asleep and you put the other children down for rest time--baby will wake up.
  3. if by chance you get the baby back asleep--the other children will get up.
  4. if baby keeps you up late at night or wakes you up several times during the night--the other children will get up at 5:30am.
  5. if the house is clean--the children must be asleep.
  6. if the children are awake--the house is not clean.
  7. If you spend a lot of time making a meal--the children will not like it.
  8. Children will only wear what is on top in their drawer so they don't need more than 3 outfits total.
  9. If you really like clothes and buy them for your children--they won't ever wear them.
  10. the more inane the tv show--the more the children love it.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

interesting, funny, completely random

  • cleaned out the linen cupboard today. threw out heaps of stuff
  • That would be because of a MOUSE!!!
  • There was also a mouse in the pantry. Josh put the trap in there and he was trapped in less than an hour. Josh put him in a bucket outside.
  • The bucket may or may not have had water in it. =)
  • Didn't matter as it rained last night and definitely had water in it this morning.
  • I was cleaning the kitchen last night and went to empty the soapy water out of the bread maker pan. I heard cutlery clunking around in the bottom so grabbed it out. Looked down at my hand and instead of cutlery I had grabbed a DEAD GECKO!!!! I screamed and threw it back in. Josh LAUGHED at me!! How rude!! He did get it out and throw it away for me. EWWWWWWWW!!!!! (just to clarify, there was cutlery in there too making the noise I heard.)
  • on to nicer things... =)
The girls played "circus" the other day and Catie dressed her wombat up as a lion!!

Isn't this the cutest snowman you've ever seen??!!

Emma lost her first tooth. We didn't know it was loose until about 10 minutes before it came out.

We got Beka's hair cut today. We fight every morning trying to get the knots out. And she fusses and cries and wiggles. So we cut it off.

She looks TOTALLY different. and SO grown up. =(
On a different note, since I wrote that other post she hasn't had an "accident" once!! She finished up her chart and got to go bowling. And to keep helping her we made up one more chart. In one week she has gone 7 times!! We're going swimming after she makes it to 10. YAY!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mid week thoughts

okay, I'm still having problems uploading photos. Got the holiday ones uploaded to facebook but can't upload onto this computer from my camera. Josh said I should be able to do it from the media centre computer but that will be a bit annoying so I haven't done it yet. Gonna have to soon because I have some cute photos.

Today is HOT!!! and very humid. I should have turned on the a/c but now that it is mid-afternoon I feel like it isn't worth it because it will cool down in the evening. I love living so close to the ocean and knowing that it always gets cooler at night. Some nights might still be hot but it definitely cools down. And lately the evenings have been beautiful.

We're very busy this week. Makes for a messy house and out of sorts mom and kids. Nathan is so laid-back most of the time that at least he's easy. All I have to do is remember to feed him. =)

Well, Postman Pat has finished so we're off to create paper bag houses for fun.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

very random

love this craft from here

the guy on the right must be related to Josh. That is so something he would do. =)

I want to do this in my house.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bunya mountains pictures

I guess you'll just have to imagine these pictures as I can't them to upload. I uploaded a couple random things and they were really quick. So then I tried these and they just won't upload. GRRRR!!!!! Maybe someday.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Blogger won't let me upload any photos other wise instead of my ramblings you'd see more of Gwen's beautiful photography. She was finally able to go through her photos from the Bunya Mountains and while the girls stayed with them later that week. Soon you'll be able to see them. I promise.

Today was the church ladies' Christmas luncheon. We had a tea party theme and we were to decorate a hat. It was very fun. The hospitality class at school catered for us. VERY YUMMY!!

As I was rushing around going shopping for a hat just before we went something special happened. I knew what today was (Remembrance Day) but forgot as we rushed around. I pulled up to Big W, unloaded all the kids, started rushing them in, came around the corner and was stopped. All these people were standing still. Cars were still going along in the parking lot but there just in front of Big W and the shops beside it no shoppers were moving. I motioned for the girls to stop and be quiet as I remembered the day and the time. It was 11:00 on the 11th day of the 11th month. Over the loud speaker they were playing The Last Post. We all stood quietly as the song finished. After another few seconds of silence everyone went back to what they were doing. I was reminded how I got so busy with normal homeschooling stuff that I forgot to teach the girls of Armistice/Remembrance Day as they asked why we had stopped. I should've taken them to the service at school or at least did some activities with them at home but for this year it was enough to see the respect that all those people had as they took the time to stop for a minute to honour those who have served and died for our country.

As it was Remembrance Day and we were having a tea party themed Christmas lunch, Steve combined all three of those things in his devotion. The men at the Boston Tea Party were fighting for freedom, the soldiers were fighting and dying for our freedom and so Christ came to give us our eternal freedom.

Well, Josh is home and dinner is just about done. I'll upload those photos when I can. TTFN!! =)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Friday, November 6, 2009


Beka is asleep. I got a nap. And Nathan LAUGHED at me for the first time this afternoon when I tickled him. We feel better now. And I would add some cute photos but still no camera drivers. =(

wits' end

*this is my disclaimer--I am not writing this for anybody's edification or information. Instead I am writing it to keep from yelling at a cute little blonde child who lives in my house.

I am seriously at my wits' end. And I only wish it was this kind. But seriously...I AM SICK AND TIRED of trying to get my four year old to poop in the toilet. Nothing works. Or it will work for a couple days and then back to pooping in pull-ups and undies. I don't think anything has ever frustrated or maddened me so much in my entire life!!!

She just came in and told me that she wasn't sure if she had done a poo in her undies or not. I told her that was a lie!! I wanted to add the words "big" and "fat" before "lie" but didn't because I'm a grown-up. Anyway, this comes after going to the toilet about 4 times this morning. WHY OH WHY???? It seriously makes me want to SCREAM!!! And I have actually yelled at her (not today) because it is SO GROSS!!!!!!!!

Anyway, that is the number 1 (or should I say number 2?) frustration in my life. I sent her back outside so I could finish my lunch before dealing with NASTINESS.

Can't wait until I can go out with grown-ups tonight. We're having a girls' night out. Well, at least dinner. 6.5 hours to go!!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Well, we have been switching computers and while I am slowly figuring out Windows 7 and Josh has gotten all my documents and pictures on this computer I still don't have a way of downloading pictures from the camera or MS office to do anything with my documents. But I need to get a bulletin ready for this Sunday so it is going to happen sometime before then. He did get the photocopier functioning again so at least I can copy the things I need to for homeschooling. (Apparently there was still one piece of paper we hadn't found stuck inside the copier)

Catie and Emma go to school this afternoon. I was going to put Beka and Nathan down for naps during that time but then I got all the sales catalogues and we might be going shopping instead. =) After Josh brings the girls home from school we are changing clothes and doing hair and heading to Grandma's for a photo session. Then she is keeping the girls while we are free to do what we want. I'm thinking we need to do the homework for Bible study and go out to eat. And we have our Young Marrieds' Bible study at 7:30.

There is a possibility that I can get a job cleaning. (hey, quit laughing!!) If so, Josh has said that I can use this money for whatever I want. sooooooooooo.....I'm thinking Christmas in the States in 2010. Can you find us some snow?? anyway, I'll let you know how that goes.

The girls are outside roller skating in the trampoline. Yeah, I haven't decided if it's safe or not. on the one hand they don't hurt when they fall and there are safety nets. on the other hand 3 girls in one trampoline and none of them able to control how they move. hmmm...

I've got some photos to upload when the camera drivers are installed so I'll see you later.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


another pineapple growing

i got a grapevine!!!


my garden is already drying out. After the corn is done I'll just leave the watermelon, rockmelon and cucumber. Hopefully they do all right.

yummy strawberry!

Beka's white roses

double delight

Mr. Lincoln~about to bloom

two rosebuds on Catie's purple rosebush

purple roses from the rosebush I was given at Nathan's shower

Monday, November 2, 2009


Every time we walk out to the garden we completely freak out this bird. She has a nest in the front yard and doesn't realize that the fence is separating us. I hope those babies hatch soon because she is driving me crazy!!

This pile behind my rocking chair is all to do with VBS. I was planning on writing the plays and the Bible studies BUT Jennie's sister's church did an Aussie themed VBS and sent us a bunch of their stuff so I'm thinking I'll just focus on the crafts and the last day and use the information/curriculum we've been sent. Still have lots to do though and need to get it done. only 2 months or so left!!

Nathan is loving his swing. I figured out a way to get some toys on there for him to look at and he'll sit and laugh and fall asleep.

We currently have two computers running. The one on the right is a new one that Josh is trying to figure out Windows 7. Once he has all our stuff installed on that one we will be back to only 1 computer. But for now we have two towers, two keyboards, two mouses (mice?) and one monitor.
And if you notice out printer/photocopier is missing...I'm hoping it isn't dead because I use it A LOT for homeschooling.
And I still haven't hung up Nathan's birth announcement because we are probably switching the kids' rooms around so I don't want to hang it until I know I won't be moving it.

Look familiar?? Catie drew these the other day. And yes, Quincy has the same skin colour as the rest of them. Not sure why but really...who cares?? =)