Monday, November 30, 2009

this that and the other

I don't like posting without photos and it's a pain to do the photos on the other computer. Hopefully it will get sorted out somehow. At the moment, I write the post then save it. Then I close blogger and connect to the other computer, open blogger on that computer, add photos and post. Annoying.

It's hot here today. Even with the rain it's still humid. Oh well, it's the last day of spring so this is what we're in for over the next few months. Can you believe that we are already on the verge of December and a new year??

Nathan turned 3 months last week on Thanksgiving. Amazing!! He's changing so much every day and seems so big already!! =( I am really enjoying him though and we all love playing with him and making him laugh and smile! I have dubbed him the "poo master" though as he regularly poos through his clothes. Especially every time he wears white. Thank goodness for stain remover sprays and sticks.

I am cautiously saying that Beka is well and truly potty trained during the day. YAY!!! So now I have one in nappies and 2 in pull-ups at night. And I don't mind that at all!

Cried last week at church as one of the older ladies held Nathan. He was really fussy that morning but as she held him he laughed and cooed at her. Made me miss Granny as I realized that she will never hold him like that. actually I'm crying again remembering.

Anyway, here we are entering the Advent season. As usual I don't feel Christmassy when it is hot and yucky but having kids helps get me in the spirit. Can't believe it's already less than 4 weeks away!! We put the tree up last week and I've started using my Christmas towels, potholders, etc. Now I just need to put the a/c on and watch some Christmas movies and whatnot. One of my favourite Aussie traditions is to watch the Christmas carols on tv with the a/c going strong. Makes me feel a little more christmassy. That reminds me that I need to find out when they are on tv.

Sorry for the ramblings. I'll try to get some photos up. TTFN!!

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