Wednesday, December 2, 2009

a little crafty

I have this gene that I got from my mother. It makes me say "Yes, that is very cute. But I won't pay that much for it. I bet I can make it for myself." So after seeing all kinds of cute calendars made out of frames and vinyl lettering I decided to buy the lettering on etsy. But my crafty gene kicked in (and I also couldn't come up with a good enough justification of money spent to Josh) and I decided to use what I had. I had a 12x12 frame left over after changing the frames in the front room and I had a black Sharpie. I did however have to buy thinline whiteboard markers as ours were all thick and didn't do well. Anyway, I drew out the grid for the calendar and wrote the initial of the days of the week (yeah, totally had to wipe them off several times, wrong order, weren't backwards, etc.) on the back with permanent black Sharpie. Thankfully, it does come off with some fingernail polish remover. Then I put in some scrapbook paper from my stack (another fun thing is that I can change the paper whenever I want and use up some of my cute paper in my mostly unused stash) and closed the frame up. Using my whiteboard markers I was able to fill out the calendar on the front. I actually did this a month ago and on Sunday I redid the calendar for this month. super easy and fun. I especially like it because I have a calendar that I love but I bought it (and spent way more money than I ever have for a calendar) because I want to reuse the pictures. So I didn't write in it this year. And I like being able to look at a calendar and see the birthdays, meetings, etc.

And speaking of cute, (yes, I do think my calendar is cute) how cute are these?? I love Sharpie markers. and cute colours in miniature sizes?? LOVE!! I had to buy them for another cute project that I'll show you another time.


Saminda said...

You're so clever Tamra. :) Fantastic calendar!

grammynurse said...

That is very cute and can last forever. I do like the miniature markers. Not sure how much ink they hold. Oh well. Enjoy