Friday, December 4, 2009

Just can't help myself

Nathan slept as I cleaned out his drawers again. He's outgrown some stuff and I needed to reorganize the clothes for when he's bigger. This was a couple weeks ago so he's even bigger now. and not quite as skinny but still no fat rolls. =) and yes he looks extremely uncomfortable and like he has a broken arm or something but he did it to himself.

Anyway, as he slept I laid out two of my favourite outfits for him. I squealed when I saw that Big W was having a sale for two pairs of shorts for $15~one plaid and one plain. I love plaid shorts on little boys so I bought two sets~one brown and one red. Then I found a couple shirts to match. love love love the outfits and it will be so fun to dress him up when he finally fits in them. Yeah, I bought size 1 because he has way too many clothes for the next little while. So, he should get to wear these next year at this time. =)

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