Saturday, December 12, 2009

what I've been up to (with lots of links)

so, I haven't been taking pics much. Partially because it's a pain to upload them and partially because the camera's batteries need to be recharged as do ALL our rechargeables and I haven't gotten around to that. (I think the recharger is on Josh's fix-it desk in the garage/schoolroom and one of my Christmas presents is there too so I haven't been able to look.)

I got into my craft room the other day and did a few things. I cut up a baby blanket/quilt and am almost done making a cover for the seat on the swing. Here in QLD anything that gets left in the garage/shed for any amount of time gets moldy so the swing cover was pretty gross. We've been using a blanket because Nathan laid down in the swing but now that he wants to sit up more it needs the regular cover. I had been thinking I needed to do something but was inspired by Ashley of Make It and Love It when she recovered her high chair.

Ashley is also the inspiration behind one of Emily's Christmas gifts. Her felt Mr. Potato Head is SO CUTE!! Mine isn't quite the same but I like how it turned out.

I made a softie ball and block for Nathan. And I've made him a little doll too. Yes, I know that sounds weird but that's life. =) I know he won't care about Christmas but I couldn't just not give him anything. And I also couldn't resist the little John Deere tractor from Big W. =)

I still need to paint the doll families for the girls. So much inspiration out there but mine look kinda dumb. But I need to remember that the girls are going to love them and that's all that matters.

I have most of Josh's gifts bought but can't share them here because he reads this to check up on me. =) Hi honey!!

GREAT NEWS!!!! Josh says that we can get the S's cleaning lady to come to our house too!!! I try to keep the house tidy but the cleaning kind of goes by the way. But now someone else can sweep, mop, clean my bathrooms, etc.! YAY!!!!!

Okay, I need to get moving. It's so hot and humid here that if I sit too long I might get stuck to the chair! LOL =) Have a great weekend!

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