Sunday, October 12, 2008

A picture is worth a thousand words

by Gwen

opinions needed!!

So I'm on here again to get some help. I'm actually home alone at the moment. Grandma asked the girls for a sleepover and Josh went to a David Phelps concert in Brisbane with some of the young adults. Anyway, we went to Bunnings today and got some paint sample pots. I painted them on my closet doors. Then I moved my bed to the other wall again. So what do you think? The middle colour is actually a bit darker. Which is a bit weird because the other two colours look pretty much the same. well, the green is a tiny bit darker. anyway... I was thinking about the green because we already have green (a yucky minty green. not the colour I was going for) and it would match the quilt. BUT I really like the light brown colour. Oyster linen it's called. And so now I'm kinda thinking about that colour and then the dark brown on the closet doors. as you can see most all the stuff on the walls is black with some off white, green and a tiny bit of purple. If I use the oyster linen I'll definitely need some new curtains though. My curtains are a very similar colour to that paint. Again, anyway....
What do you think?

Of course, when I paint I will no longer have these beautiful suns to wake me every morning. =) Catie and Emma drew these a couple years ago. The other day Emma told me that hers wasn't very good. Of course she was only two when she did it. She still thought she should've done better. =)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Garden update

Since I'm posting today I thought I'd add a garden update. This garden is mostly flowers however you can see a pumpkin plant at each end. In the very back are 3 sunflowers. There are also some rockmelon plants starting to come up and maybe a tomato or two. Onions are all along the very front.

For some reason this garden is growing really well on the right hand side and not so well in the middle and left. Weird. Anyway, the corn has really taken off. And the sunflowers and cucumbers too. The carrots are to the left front of the picture. And I've recently planted some more seeds in the empty spots.

Radishes will be ready in another week or two

isn't this pineapple adorable?

the finished sandpit. Josh decided to make a shade house cover instead of just a lid. This keeps the cats and leaves out but lets the girls play in the shade and keeps the sand cooler.

Beka's birthday-Monday

Dora, Boots and Diego water play toy

Beka's birthday got to continue on Monday. That's when she got a package from Grammy and Papa. (The card came today, Mom. Thanks) Catie fell asleep during rest time that day (Praise the Lord!) so it was just Emma and Beka up at the time.

Candy Land!!

After a quick round of Candy Land it was straight outside to play with water and Dora.

Beka's Birthday-Sunday

Blogger isn't letting me write where I want to. And it is messing with the order of the pictures. Oh well...Beka's party was on Sunday. We had the S's, the C's and the grandparents and uncles over. Altogether I think there were 25 of us. We had a huge table of food--butterfly and heart shaped chicken nuggets, hot chips (fries), chicken salad sandwiches, veggie platter, chips and dips. Everyone came over after church and we ate heaps and still had lots of left overs. Then we brought out the cake. Beka specified yellow icing, sprinkles and butterflies. So we did a cupcake tree. Everything looks a little green because of the marquee we borrowed from the school.

wooden Noah's ark from Grandpa and Grandma

bracelets from Dinah

my butterfly balloons

our new outside dining set. We've been planning on buying for at least a few months but this gave us an excuse. Not that 6 chairs go far with 25 people. =) We also borrowed the marquee from the school for shade. It's green and black-the school colours.

I think this is the Noah's Ark again. =)

We did a lot of general tidying and stuff on Saturday. I changed my front porch around. I really like the boots.

Beka's birthday-Saturday

Beka turned 3 on Saturday. The girls were so excited to give her their gifts that we started early Saturday morning. All the pictures of Josh show his tired blood shot eyes. =) Anyway, here's a few pics.

Emma's gift to Beka.

Catie's gift to Beka. Josh isn't trying to hide his face, he's acutally trying to read Beka the little gift tag on the bag. Both girls gave Beka stickers and other crafty stuff.

We told Beka to close her eyes because we had a surprise for her!

Her very own suitcase!!

She was very excited about this gift. Even better was that it came with a backpack and a wallet. Good stuff!!! =)

We celebrated with pizza and Dora shaped cupcakes that night and then we went outside with star shaped sparklers. Forgot to take pictures though.

pics are coming!! I promise!

I really am going to post pics from Beka's birthday. I sat down to do it on Monday morning but alas, no camera cord. It was taken to church on Sunday and hasn't made it's way back home yet. And Josh has been using my car for the last couple days so I haven't been able to go get it. Hopefully he remembers it today. So don't worry, Mom, I haven't forgotten. Just been unable to do it.