Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Garden update

Since I'm posting today I thought I'd add a garden update. This garden is mostly flowers however you can see a pumpkin plant at each end. In the very back are 3 sunflowers. There are also some rockmelon plants starting to come up and maybe a tomato or two. Onions are all along the very front.

For some reason this garden is growing really well on the right hand side and not so well in the middle and left. Weird. Anyway, the corn has really taken off. And the sunflowers and cucumbers too. The carrots are to the left front of the picture. And I've recently planted some more seeds in the empty spots.

Radishes will be ready in another week or two

isn't this pineapple adorable?

the finished sandpit. Josh decided to make a shade house cover instead of just a lid. This keeps the cats and leaves out but lets the girls play in the shade and keeps the sand cooler.

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