Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Beka's Birthday-Sunday

Blogger isn't letting me write where I want to. And it is messing with the order of the pictures. Oh well...Beka's party was on Sunday. We had the S's, the C's and the grandparents and uncles over. Altogether I think there were 25 of us. We had a huge table of food--butterfly and heart shaped chicken nuggets, hot chips (fries), chicken salad sandwiches, veggie platter, chips and dips. Everyone came over after church and we ate heaps and still had lots of left overs. Then we brought out the cake. Beka specified yellow icing, sprinkles and butterflies. So we did a cupcake tree. Everything looks a little green because of the marquee we borrowed from the school.

wooden Noah's ark from Grandpa and Grandma

bracelets from Dinah

my butterfly balloons

our new outside dining set. We've been planning on buying for at least a few months but this gave us an excuse. Not that 6 chairs go far with 25 people. =) We also borrowed the marquee from the school for shade. It's green and black-the school colours.

I think this is the Noah's Ark again. =)

We did a lot of general tidying and stuff on Saturday. I changed my front porch around. I really like the boots.

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