Tuesday, November 24, 2009

interesting, funny, completely random

  • cleaned out the linen cupboard today. threw out heaps of stuff
  • That would be because of a MOUSE!!!
  • There was also a mouse in the pantry. Josh put the trap in there and he was trapped in less than an hour. Josh put him in a bucket outside.
  • The bucket may or may not have had water in it. =)
  • Didn't matter as it rained last night and definitely had water in it this morning.
  • I was cleaning the kitchen last night and went to empty the soapy water out of the bread maker pan. I heard cutlery clunking around in the bottom so grabbed it out. Looked down at my hand and instead of cutlery I had grabbed a DEAD GECKO!!!! I screamed and threw it back in. Josh LAUGHED at me!! How rude!! He did get it out and throw it away for me. EWWWWWWWW!!!!! (just to clarify, there was cutlery in there too making the noise I heard.)
  • on to nicer things... =)
The girls played "circus" the other day and Catie dressed her wombat up as a lion!!

Isn't this the cutest snowman you've ever seen??!!

Emma lost her first tooth. We didn't know it was loose until about 10 minutes before it came out.

We got Beka's hair cut today. We fight every morning trying to get the knots out. And she fusses and cries and wiggles. So we cut it off.

She looks TOTALLY different. and SO grown up. =(
On a different note, since I wrote that other post she hasn't had an "accident" once!! She finished up her chart and got to go bowling. And to keep helping her we made up one more chart. In one week she has gone 7 times!! We're going swimming after she makes it to 10. YAY!!

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Saminda said...

My goodness, ALL the children look so grown up! Stu just walked past and saw the new photos along your sidebar of the children and said he hardly recognises them.
Hope all is well in your house; I have so much to catch up on now I'm back online!
Blessings, Saminda xo