Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mama Murphy's Laws

  1. if baby is asleep and you start a project that will take a bit of time or can't be done with baby on the hip--baby will wake up.
  2. if baby is asleep and you put the other children down for rest time--baby will wake up.
  3. if by chance you get the baby back asleep--the other children will get up.
  4. if baby keeps you up late at night or wakes you up several times during the night--the other children will get up at 5:30am.
  5. if the house is clean--the children must be asleep.
  6. if the children are awake--the house is not clean.
  7. If you spend a lot of time making a meal--the children will not like it.
  8. Children will only wear what is on top in their drawer so they don't need more than 3 outfits total.
  9. If you really like clothes and buy them for your children--they won't ever wear them.
  10. the more inane the tv show--the more the children love it.