Friday, November 6, 2009

wits' end

*this is my disclaimer--I am not writing this for anybody's edification or information. Instead I am writing it to keep from yelling at a cute little blonde child who lives in my house.

I am seriously at my wits' end. And I only wish it was this kind. But seriously...I AM SICK AND TIRED of trying to get my four year old to poop in the toilet. Nothing works. Or it will work for a couple days and then back to pooping in pull-ups and undies. I don't think anything has ever frustrated or maddened me so much in my entire life!!!

She just came in and told me that she wasn't sure if she had done a poo in her undies or not. I told her that was a lie!! I wanted to add the words "big" and "fat" before "lie" but didn't because I'm a grown-up. Anyway, this comes after going to the toilet about 4 times this morning. WHY OH WHY???? It seriously makes me want to SCREAM!!! And I have actually yelled at her (not today) because it is SO GROSS!!!!!!!!

Anyway, that is the number 1 (or should I say number 2?) frustration in my life. I sent her back outside so I could finish my lunch before dealing with NASTINESS.

Can't wait until I can go out with grown-ups tonight. We're having a girls' night out. Well, at least dinner. 6.5 hours to go!!!!

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Kaylene said...

Tamra, have you tried incentives for your 4yr old? Maybe a star chart for the week and then a treat if she gets 7 stars a week???Kay