Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mid week thoughts

okay, I'm still having problems uploading photos. Got the holiday ones uploaded to facebook but can't upload onto this computer from my camera. Josh said I should be able to do it from the media centre computer but that will be a bit annoying so I haven't done it yet. Gonna have to soon because I have some cute photos.

Today is HOT!!! and very humid. I should have turned on the a/c but now that it is mid-afternoon I feel like it isn't worth it because it will cool down in the evening. I love living so close to the ocean and knowing that it always gets cooler at night. Some nights might still be hot but it definitely cools down. And lately the evenings have been beautiful.

We're very busy this week. Makes for a messy house and out of sorts mom and kids. Nathan is so laid-back most of the time that at least he's easy. All I have to do is remember to feed him. =)

Well, Postman Pat has finished so we're off to create paper bag houses for fun.

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grammynurse said...

Right now I might enjoy a little (very little ) of the 'hot'. It was suppose to be near freezing tonight. It feels like it in the house this AM. Havn't turned on the heat yet. High sixties by this afaternoon.l Like you, "Why turn on the heat?" Paper houses sound like fun but I do need to see them to understand. And you do have some "cute pictures" to post. Thanx for all the ones on FB.