Monday, November 2, 2009


Every time we walk out to the garden we completely freak out this bird. She has a nest in the front yard and doesn't realize that the fence is separating us. I hope those babies hatch soon because she is driving me crazy!!

This pile behind my rocking chair is all to do with VBS. I was planning on writing the plays and the Bible studies BUT Jennie's sister's church did an Aussie themed VBS and sent us a bunch of their stuff so I'm thinking I'll just focus on the crafts and the last day and use the information/curriculum we've been sent. Still have lots to do though and need to get it done. only 2 months or so left!!

Nathan is loving his swing. I figured out a way to get some toys on there for him to look at and he'll sit and laugh and fall asleep.

We currently have two computers running. The one on the right is a new one that Josh is trying to figure out Windows 7. Once he has all our stuff installed on that one we will be back to only 1 computer. But for now we have two towers, two keyboards, two mouses (mice?) and one monitor.
And if you notice out printer/photocopier is missing...I'm hoping it isn't dead because I use it A LOT for homeschooling.
And I still haven't hung up Nathan's birth announcement because we are probably switching the kids' rooms around so I don't want to hang it until I know I won't be moving it.

Look familiar?? Catie drew these the other day. And yes, Quincy has the same skin colour as the rest of them. Not sure why but really...who cares?? =)

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grammynurse said...

How many eggs this year? I thought she had left. I had a hard time finding Nathan! Catie, you did a good job drawing all those kids. Stay healthy!!