Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Ve have ten, ten days until ve board our airplane so here is ten, ten random things
  1. The girls are headed to Grandma's house for a "holiday". They are driving to Brisbane tomorrow to pick Grandpa up from the airport and then will spend the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa.
  2. Nathan is cutting molars. He is a super grumpy baby lately.
  3. My house is clean and should stay that way the rest of the week!!
  4. My girls have headlice. AGAIN! Don't know where they came from but it isn't too bad at the moment. I promise they won't bring them to America.
  5. I might do some painting this week. We'll see how Nathan is.
  6. I packed the girls' clothes yesterday. (for America)
  7. I thought I had enough nappies and wipes to make it to next weekend but I don't. so I'll have to buy small packs of those to get us through.
  8. My girls so very badly want it to snow while we are in America. Please pray that we get one good snow while we are there.
  9. I think I've forgotten how to cook for only two people. I can probably make one dinner and we could eat it for the rest of the week. =)
  10. I'm already trying to figure out how to have the laundry all done and what to do with the sheets/beds when we leave next Friday. Should I have clean sheets on Thursday night and then leave them for two months or do I wash and dry them on Friday and let the mattresses air out for two months??

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