Monday, December 8, 2008

Signs that it is Monday

  • Catie's cast has a soft spot on her elbow so we need to take her back to get it fixed. We called the Emergency Department (you just go in there and wait and they'll do it) and they said not to come in right then because it would be a wait of 4 hours or so.
  • Spent almost double my budget on groceries
  • It rained all day
  • Everyone hated dinner
  • Beka wet herself twice and then pooped in the tub. And actually she smells like it again. Someday I'll have all potty trained children.
  • Still haven't finished some presents to be sent to the States and have to finish them tonight if I want to send them soon enough to be entered into the draw for $10,000.
  • Been using the dryer all day in hopes of catching up with laundry
  • found nits in Emma's hair--AGAIN!! But somehow I never find live ones. How does that work?
  • Forgot to buy ice cream or chocolate at the grocery store.
But I really shouldn't complain.
  • We had friends over after church yesterday and they not only provided an incentive to get the dishes done that were in the sink but also did the dishes after lunch.
  • If I send the box tomorrow to the States that will be my 4th entry into the $10,000 draw. Wouldn't it be nice to win? And just because I love my family. =)
  • This is the first week since starting our budget that I've even gotten near it with groceries. And we've done well enough with staying in our budget that we had extra in that account.
  • While I do have to take Catie in to the hospital tomorrow (we decided not to wait the 4 hours today) she hasn't had any problems with her arm. (We actually have to keep reminding her to be careful with it.)
  • Beka hasn't pooped in her undies in 1.5 weeks so at least that means there is some measure of control there. Soon, soon...
  • It's rare for everybody not to love dinner
  • Maybe I can talk Josh into buying some ice cream or chocolate or I can find something in the cupboards. =)
  • I'm glad I have a dryer and a washer and water. We have friends who use tank water and it was dirty and they cleaned it out and ended up with not enough water to do laundry last week.
Hope your Monday is/was good. =)

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