Friday, March 14, 2008

looky, looky

See that? That is a Huskystar C20 by Husqvarna viking. It's computerised, it has 250 stitch options, it came with 9 (count them, that's 9) presser feet, it can overcast (which I'm hoping is the same thing as overlock), do a blindhem, has an alphabet stitch so I can sew the girls' names into everything =), has the cutest little semi truck stitch (I so need a little boy now), it can quilt and darn and lots of things that I'm sure I will never use. But it's mine and I can use all those things if I want to.

I ended up not going to Maryborough to go to Lincraft on Monday. Instead we went Thursday afternoon. Not necessarily a good idea to go after no naps and an afternoon of swimming but we went anyway. And I paid for that decision. Crankiness all around. But that's okay. Got the sewing machine, went to Big W, met Daddy at Hungry Jack's (Burger King) for dinner. Drove across the street to McDonald's for ice cream. Went back to Big W so Daddy could buy a lawnmower. Ended up he bought a fish bowl for the girls while we were there. So we're off today to buy a fish.

Speaking of swimming ( I mentioned it somewhere up there) the girls were tested for their swimming certificates yesterday. I'm sure they failed but that's okay. Catie, however, did do a star back float by herself yesterday impressing me and her teachers. Too bad we only have two more lessons because the girls are finally getting into swimming. Oh well, we'll do it again the first term of next year. =)

Also, an update on Beka--she went to the potty once more before nap time and then spent the rest of the day in a nappy as we were out and about. However, she has gone twice already this morning. Of course, we're headed out again today so back in the nappy for that. I know that the best way for potty training is to stay home all day for like a week but that just doesn't happen in our family.

And the other day when I listed what our week looked like I forgot my favourite part of this week. Today at 4:00 I have an hour long massage!! For Christmas, Josh bought me a gift certificate to a day spa. It has four visits, a massage, a manicure or pedicure, a facial and a back salt glow thing. So today I'm off for the massage. YAY!!! I really need one.

Have a great day! I'm going to try out the new machine. And then maybe try to get some Easter dresses done. =)

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