Monday, March 17, 2008


I made Catie a dress out of a man's shirt months ago. I tried making one for Emma but didn't get a good cotton shirt so it didn't turn out. Emma's been after me to make one for her since then. I found a shirt on Saturday and sat down to make the dress Saturday night after the girlies were in bed. I couldn't find the tutorial online that I had used for Catie's so just used her dress as a guide. It went pretty well and I actually made an adjustment on how to make the sleeves that turned out really well. Only problem is that when Emma put it on Sunday morning I found it is a little tight so I need to figure out what to do. Still, it's cute, she didn't mind it being a little tight and Beka will be able to wear it too. And I got to use one of my pretty flower stitches and decorate the binding going around the top. (I used it to hide some little mistakes. SHHH....) =)

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