Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy Birthday, Josh!

Yesterday was Josh's birthday. Since we never seem to have time on Sunday mornings we opted to give him breakfast in bed on Saturday. Then we had his favourite meal on Saturday night (spaghetti). Sunday I did get up early so made oatmeal, another of his favourites, for breakfast. Then we gave him a shirt (that he's wearing in the photo) and some hi-visibility socks (they were a joke). After church, Josh's family came over for lunch. We had BBQ pork (this is why I got up early because I had to cut the rind off the pork and then get it started cooking), coleslaw, potato chips and salad. And we used throwaway cups and plates to make life simple. Josh doesn't like cake. He likes brownies and will eat cheesecake so I made him cheesecake topped brownies from here. Then I added some cherry pie filling to go over top. So yummy. (Nice thing is I had enough left that I took it for supper after the youth service last night.) Josh's parents and brothers gave him money towards his new shed and part of the new office chair. You can see it above with Beka in it. =) My mom and dad sent him two new shirts. He's wearing one of them at work today!

It was a good day. And I LOVE Josh's new office chair we got him. No more sitting on an old chair without a back or arms. YAY!!!

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Anonymous said...

You are adorable Emma
Glad you like the dress!

Beka looks way too big. Dad says we have to come