Monday, March 24, 2008


So we bought a big table and chairs before we got married knowing that we wanted a big family and also that if we invited people over we would need a big table. That makes our table and chairs 7 years old. The table is still fine but the chairs started looking really bad especially considering their daily bath of juice and yogurt. =) So I decided to change from the green that was on them. I found this great red material at Spotlight and recovered two of the chairs. Then I realized I was about 6 inches short to do all 8 chairs. So I stopped. I bought the rest of the material but by that time the red chairs had their daily bath and even with several coats of Scotchguard wouldn't get clean.
So......I've had 6 green chairs and 2 red chairs for the last month or so. Then at Ikea on Saturday we found all wood chairs for only $50 each. So we bought them. And I am so excited. Crazy I know but that's my life. =)

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much more practical with the little ones