Saturday, March 15, 2008

thrifty craftiness

I've been reading blogs of some incredibly crafty ladies and also some very thrifty ladies. And often the ladies are both thrifty and crafty and very inspiring. Well, today I had a little bit of free time (The girls spent last night at Grandma's house.) so I headed off to our local op shops. I found several things such as sheets for a future craft project, some new shirts (tags still on) for a friend of ours, a skirt for Catie, a shirt to make a dress for Emma and this shirt for Catie. I thought it was a cute shirt with those brown and blue stripes but the little logo made it a boy's shirt. But it was only $1.50 so I bought it knowing I could do something with it. I drew up a little owl after looking at lots of owls on the internet, cut it out of scraps that already had iron on stuff on them and ironed them on. I was going to do all the stitching by hand but decided to try out the machine. I have a lot to learn but was able to stitch most of it on. I still need to do the eyes, beak and feet by hand. If you notice in the last photo I also used my machine to sew in the words HOOT! HOOT! on the branch fabric.

I'm very pleased with how it turned out. A new shirt for Catie for only $1.50 and I used up some scraps. Better yet, Catie loves it!! =)

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Anonymous said...

Where did you get all that creativity?? Nice transition from boy to girl T-shirt