Monday, March 31, 2008


This year was the first time we didn't have a Emma/Josh family birthday dinner. The past two years some of the Rissers have been in New Zealand on Emma's birthday so we combined the two birthdays in one family dinner. So when yesterday came around and we had cake and ice cream and presents Emma was a little upset that she didn't get to open any presents. Well, knowing that Mom had sent her four presents and I had four presents to give her plus whatever she might get from friends and family I decided to let her open a gift. She picked out a gift from Grammy and Papa. When she opened it she found a Lightning McQueen dress. I think she about died from happiness. A couple months ago I made Catie a couple dresses. Emma started asking for a dress too. Then she added that it needed to have Lightning McQueen on it. Well, Cars fabric around here is way expensive if you can find it. So I asked Mom to find some for me. Then I hinted that maybe she should make it and send it for her gift to Emma (Thanks Mom, you're an angel!). Emma believed that just telling me that she wanted a Lightning McQueen dress meant that she was going to get one and has been telling everyone since that she was getting a Lightning McQueen dress for her birthday. So she was very excited to open that present. Mom had told me that she had made a hat and bag to go with the dress so I let Emma open that present as well. As you can see Emma looks adorable and very happy.

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