Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Grandparents part 2

I think it is important that we know about our grandparents and appreciate our history. I spent one week every summer with my grandparents. I loved hearing them pray. And every night they'd turn on the tape player and follow along in their Bibles as they listened to the Bible on tape. They would read through the Bible twice every year that way. I can picture them sitting at the table in the morning reading the Daily Bread and then praying. I remember what they sounded like and the thrill I'd get when they'd pray for me by name. I know their prayers for me have made a big difference in my life. I love that two of my girls remember Granny and Big Papa and talk about them and pray for them. I love the picture above. It was one of the last times we saw my grandparents. It's from two years ago when we visited the States. I have it blown up to an 8x10 and hanging in my hallway with other family photos. I have a different picture in my mind though. I didn't get my camera ready in time so don't have a hard copy of it but it is a great memory. This picture is of Big Papa in his traditional green shirt and pants, shoes on but laces untied and hanging down and Catie holding one hand and Emma the other as they walked to the mailbox to get the mail. That's the picture I love and the Big Papa I remember.
Having this rich history to pass on to my kids and add to/create for my kids and their kids and their so awesome. And scary. I pray we live up to the task. =)

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Anonymous said...

Awww! What precious memories! Looking at this photo was nice, and sad at the same time for all of us. The kids enjoyed seeing Big Grandma, and Big Grandpa with your kids. Thanks for posting this. We remember those Bible Readings, and prayers (being remembered in prayer by name - precious!) I recall this from the VERY FIRST time I met them, up until the present day! What a blessing to have them in the family!
Thanks again for posting this!
~Deb, Todd, and the kids