Tuesday, March 11, 2008


At the moment our homeschooling consists of going through the alphabet and numbers 1 - 20. We do a page where the girls copy the upper and lower case letter and a word that starts with that letter. Then we do something at the top related to that word. For instance, the letter M we wrote monkey and they drew monkeys on their pages. That is Catie's up at the top. Then on another paper we write the number and the number word and do something for it. For instance for 12 we copied, cut and glued a calendar on the top of the page. I put all these pages into a folder for each of them and they love to look back through their books. Then sometimes we do worksheets related to that number and/or letter. Good fun. I read all kinds of things about how to keep your toddler occupied while working with the others but so far the only way to keep Beka occupied is to let her do everything with us. Her pages look a little different than the others and I obviously don't get her to copy the letters and stuff but other than that she does all the colouring and gluing that the other two do. She likes to cut but isn't good so we do that together. Emma does really well considering it is a year ahead of where she should be chronologically. Well, here anyways. They don't learn to read in Prep, they learn that in 1st grade. but I think Catie will be reading by the end of the year. Anyways, we're off to the school to visit Daddy and Grandma. Have a good day.

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