Thursday, March 6, 2008

Testing Testing

Well, I'm thinking that this will be a place to keep family updated with news and pics, show off craft projects, talk about homeschooling and just basically rambling on about life in the Risser household--hence the name Risser Ramblings =) So make sure you leave comments and I'll try to keep it updated fairly regularly.

This is gonna be fun.


Amber Sloan said...

Congratulations! I'll make sure to check it often!

Judi said...

This is gonna be fun!!! I am so glad to be in touch with you! We are homeschooling this coming fall. I may need some help and encouragement!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tamra!!
I am so excited you have a blog, and can't wait to check it regularly. We love you and miss you!!
~Deb for all the Huberty clan! ;)

Anonymous said...


This is cool. Now that you have one I want one! Love ya, Marlana