Tuesday, September 23, 2008

what was I thinking??

I didn't grab the camera at 7:01 this morning. Silly of me, I know. I didn't think of it until......well, how about I start at the beginning.

Lately Beka has been getting up 3 or 4 times a night. I just have to go in, lay her back down and cover her up. Until 4:00 or so when she normally climbs in bed with me. Around 5 I take her back to bed and she is up at 6. Catie and Emma have been sleeping until 7 recently so I half sleep from 6 to 7 while Beka eats some yogurt, gets books, comes in and out of my room a dozen times, brushes my hair, etc. This morning I woke up to a silent house at 6:54 am. And I hadn't been woken up through the night. My first thought was that Josh said he was going to go to work at 7:00 so I woke him up. Then I mentioned to him that it was 7 and I hadn't heard a peep from anyone. After that I shut my eyes and enjoyed the bliss of an early morning with no children awake yet. HOWEVER....I was wrong. There was a little chickie already awake. She was just being very, very quiet. Which means she is doing something naughty. Josh got up a few minutes later and then brought said little chickie into my room. He said, "Here's why you haven't heard a peep out of her." I rolled over and opened my eyes to see Beka with hands and face and hair COVERED in something brown and smeary. I closed my eyes and asked what it was. Chocolate ice cream topping!!! Turns out the child was hungry and went through the pantry to find something instead of opening the fridge and getting a yogurt. Josh said I needed to check the couch too as there was a bowl on it. Thankfully, she had dumped the topping in a (huge) bowl and it wasn't anywhere else. So I grabbed a washcloth and washed the chocolate off the child. It was the kind of topping that goes hard when it is on ice cream so it was really greasy. Anyway, as I took off her (white and pink) pajamas I thought to myself. "Why didn't I take a picture? How am I supposed to blog about this without a picture?" =) And that my friends is a sign that I am addicted to blogging. =) Just buy me the shirt already. or this one.

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