Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

okay, not a lot like Christmas but at least I've started right!?! While Dad was here I (very sweetly and kindly) sent him to work with Josh and asked him to cut two pieces of wood up into a bunch of blocks. He should be pleased to know that they are not just sitting in my craft room collecting dust. I am working on my projects as I have time. I was inspired by this picture (scroll down to the bottom of the page) to make the nativity scene. I bought two sets of these stickers two or three years ago and have never done anything with them because nothing seemed good enough to use my stickers on. (do you do that? do you buy stuff and then don't use it because the project or whatever doesn't seem good enough? it feels like you're using up your precious stuff? yeah, I do that. but I'm trying to be better about that.) Anyway, when I saw that picture I knew I had the perfect stickers. And I think it turned out SO CUTE!!! The wood smells funny though so I might spray it with a clear sealer. I thought the name blocks turned out super cute too. Cuter in real life than the picture though. And the spring blocks are a work in progress. I need to go buy some mod podge. And I also have fall, winter and summer blocks in progress. I'll show you those when they are done. I especially like the fall ones and the "u" in the summer.

I also have plans to make some dolls, cats, dogs and probably a dress or two. Now if only I can come up with cute, easy things to make for the adults. And decide what to get Josh. He is so hard to buy for. And so are his dad and brothers but I make him choose their gifts. =)

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