Thursday, September 11, 2008


okay, I can't find or think of any butterfly cakes for Beka. All the ones I find are either the Wilton pan ones or ones that are a little too much. None of them strike me as a starting point for her cake. So I'm thinking of a sheet cake with a big 3 on it and then little chocolate butterflies on the 3. What do you think?? Beka likes the idea of having a 3 and butterflies.

any other suggestions??


Saminda said...

We love number cakes in our house. Something about it my children seem to love, because they always pick them!
This is a beautiful photo. :)

Tanya said...

you could make a sheet cake, cut out the 3 and then add the butterflies. It all depends on how much cake you need. I've cut out several #'s for cakes and it's pretty easy--just keep the number pretty wide. Or make a sheet cake cut out a butterfly and make the colors/parts of the butterfly like a mosaic using the #3 over and over.