Thursday, September 4, 2008

Morning at the Beach

We went to the beach on Tuesday morning before heading down to Brisbane to take Mom and Dad to the airport. It was cloudy but so gorgeous. We got a few pictures of the girls and then let them play in the water. The water was really cool but they soon got used to it. Mom and I rolled up our pants and played in the water with them. There were about 7 pelican a little farther down the beach so Dad went to take pictures of them. He was able to get really close as they were being lazy. =) We were very excited to see dolphins. They were right off the beach. Two were really close to the beach and two more were farther out. I think they were herding some fish. They were so beautiful. But we didn't get pictures as it's hard to guess where they are going to come up next and you have to have a fast camera. =) We also had a school of little silver fish (about 3 inches long) jumping around in front of us. Such a nice send off for Mom and Dad. =)

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Saminda said...

Happy birthday Tamra!!!! I've been thinking of you today. Hope it's been a great one. :)
Love the photo of the girls on the beach.