Thursday, September 11, 2008

Beka Jane

*old picture that has nothing to do with the post except I wanted a photo of Beka*

Just had to share what Beka did this morning. Her door opened at 5:57am and I jumped out of bed to keep her from waking up her sisters. I needn't have worried as she was already headed into my room, blankie in hand. She crawled into bed between Josh and me and fell asleep. Of course she turned herself crosswise giving me about 10 inches of room. LOL =) I heard the other girls wake up but Beka kept sleeping. Then she woke up and laid there for awhile. Then I heard her first words of the morning. She was singing "Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord." She was quiet for a couple more minutes and then sang it again. What a sweet way to wake up. I only wish I could be as happy and praising the Lord when I woke up.

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Lacey said...

hiya! wow i didnt realise u had THREE girls! wow and they r growing up so fast! i remember when catie was born..and then i heard u were pregnant and then again obviously lol wow..they r so beautiful too!!!
well just had to share that LOL
love ya lots x x take care