Monday, September 1, 2008

More pics from our getaway

We went on a walk in the Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve

This was the view from across the road at the Mary Cairncross Park. These are the Glasshouse Mountains.

On Thursday after some fun shopping we went for a drive on the Mapleton Forest Drive. Should've had a 4WD instead of Josh's car but it was still fun. Anyway, we came to a little park/walking area and this was the sign warning us to not fall over the waterfall. Josh found it amusing and wanted a picture of it.

And this is the water that leads to the waterfall. It should've been called a watertrickle. =) But it was still sorta steep and slippery. Don't worry. We followed the sign and didn't fall. =)

We didn't quite learn our lesson about driving in the hills and forests and decided to go check out Point Glorious Lookout. It was a nice lookout even though we about killed Josh's car. =)

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