Thursday, September 4, 2008

Random--as usual

so many things I could talk about.
  • mom and dad left yesterday to go home. They should be arriving back in TX in the next couple hours. Beka cried and cried at the airport. She didn't want to give Grammy and Papa hugs and kisses goodbye because she didn't want them to go. I think she finally did though. She just couldn't understand why they had to go. =( We are definitely going to miss them.
  • I just this minute went into their bedroom to sharpen a pencil for Emma and found that they left me a birthday present. A cupcake tree!! Yay!! Thanks Mom and Dad. (thanks too for the hours of enjoyment the girls will get out of the bubble wrap in the box. BONUS!!)
  • Today is my 31st birthday. I used to think anyone over 30 was old and yet I don't feel old. =) The girls have asked me to take them to the store with their piggy banks so they can buy me a present. But...Catie informed me that I would have to stay in the car!! =) I think we'll let Daddy deal with that one.
  • I do think that we might make some cupcakes so we can use my new cupcake tree. =)
  • Lizzy sent me some gorgeous flowers. That's them in the pictures above.
  • It is raining today so we are stuck inside. So far, we've built a beach (with blue and yellow blankets), watched Sesame Street and Playschool, ate cereal out of bowls on the floor in front of the tv, and did a few worksheets for school.
  • The rain, however, is absolutely wonderful for my garden. One of my pansy plants has 10, that's right TEN, flowers on it. My daisies all have multiple flowers on them, the pansies are going crazy, the snapdragons are GORGEOUS!! and almost all of my roses have buds on them. And my maple tree is growing leaves!! no more stick tree!!! And Steve's peach tree that we are taking care of has two blooms on it! AND....(are you tired of the "and"s and exclamation points yet?) Josh's mango tree has heaps of buds on it.
  • I should be doing laundry and sewing.
  • Mom made each girl 2 dresses and 1 nightie while she was here. I have slips to make and a dress for Catie. And some stuffed elephants.
  • Mom finished Emma's quilt.
  • Now I need to make Beka's quilt.
  • I really should go do something productive.
  • and I should change out of my pj's. know, it's rainy and it's my birthday. I can have a pajama day if I want to. =)
  • Today is the second anniversary of Steve Irwin's death. I'm thinking of Terri, Bindi and Bob today.
Okay, enough time spent rambling. i'm off to make cupcakes with the girls. Of course the only cupcake liners I have are Christmas ones. =) I wonder what flavour we should make--the always yummy chocolate or maybe pumpkin spice with maple frosting or maybe strawberry or vanilla choc chip with fudge icing. Decisions decisions. =) Hope you all have a great day!

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The Wandering Woman said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day. I'm still in my pjs too!!! Love ya...Marlana