Friday, September 12, 2008

If I had a camera...

then you would see
  • all 3 girls riding Emma's tricycle. at the same time. with lots of screaming and giggling. you wouldn't be able to see the screaming and giggling though. =)
  • the scene from my laundry room. I would title it "living in a house of girls." Josh's work shirt is hanging up to dry amongst 6 little matching dresses.
  • Before, during and after shots of the girls haircuts later today!!
  • the cute craft projects I've been working on.
  • all the fun the girls have been having with their new school boxes.
  • and probably pictures of my gorgeous flowers and maple tree. I love growing stuff. (and on that subject, I am still waiting on the seeds I ordered to arrive. Hurry, seeds. I need to plant.)
Josh is supposed to get the camera checked out today. Too late for pics of during their hair cuts but I'll get you "after" pictures soon. =)

1 comment:

grammynurse said...

Yes, we need pictures! Of it all. Miss being there I've been sleeping a whole lot. Can't keep my eyes open -- I can always keep them open for pictures though!