Tuesday, September 9, 2008

next house

just for me to remind me of what I want a little different in the next house

  • much much bigger
  • Huge island with NOTHING on it
  • two ways in/out
  • bigger pantry
  • BIGGER!!!
Living areas
  • open plan living
  • built in storage and bookshelves
  • no wasted space
Laundry room
  • either bigger with lots of shelves and space for folding
  • or none because this one is wasted space unless you count it's ability to collect all the don't-know-where-they-should-go-because-they-have-nowhere-to-go things
  • this isn't specific to the laundry room but I want hallways that are wider. Everytime I carry in loads of laundry I scrape my hands on the walls. And I have to tilt the basket to get through doorways. (I guess I could go with smaller round -rather than oval-baskets)
Linen closets
  • in places that make sense not just a huge dump all closet.
Craft room
  • lighter, brighter
  • set up with the school room so I don't have to divide the stuff and I can do some of my stuff when they are doing things they don't need help with just supervision.
  • I'm pretty happy with these except that if they were to have bunk beds the fan would be seriously dangerous.
  • A 3 way bathroom for the main bath-1 toilet, 2 sink/mirror, 3 shower, sink
Does it sound like I'm complaining? I'm not really. I like my house. It's just there are things I now know since living in it that I would do differently. We seem to have a bit of wasted space. I don't really want to go bigger overall--just the kitchen and maybe the master bedroom to provide a bit of a parents' retreat--just more useful. And ideally we would have a bit of a granny flat so when parents come over or when missionaries or friends need a place to stay we have some private space for them.

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