Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday musings

Clever title, yes?? just kidding. And I only wrote it because otherwise I would have to write random ramblings #5,000,000,000 or whatever the number is. =) I need a title writer but I guess you have to have interesting posts to have interesting titles. anyhoo...
  • went to a wedding on Saturday. It was beautiful. I was worried that the groom was going to faint as he was pale and sweaty. but it was the bride who almost collapsed. However, she got a chair and a drink of water and was fine. And since she was in a chair he knelt in front of her to say his vows. It was so sweet.
  • The camera broke when Beka played with it at the wedding. =(
  • Josh and I had a great time at the reception. We were at a table with his parents and some of our friends and we laughed so hard. I think people were checking our glasses to make sure it really was coke and ginger beer (not together, ewww...) not something stronger.
  • One of the reasons we were laughing was when a friend told us of his morning. He works at a nursing home but was there to take the worship service that our church holds there once a month. Well, before the service started he went to visit some patients in the dementia ward. As he went to go back out he realized he was locked in and forgot the key code to get out. So he went outside and climbed the fence. Anyway, it was very funny. =)
  • Church was good yesterday. The choir sang two songs and we did quite well. I'm looking forward to us being able to sing every week.
  • It was Father's Day here in Australia. Jennie's dad spoke on the qualities of a good father. It reminded me to be thankful of how hard Josh works to be a good husband and dad.
  • Today we are packing a box for Samaritan's Purse. They get lots of boxes for kids aged infant - 9 so we decided to do one for a 10 - 14 year old girl. They need more for that age range in boys but I had more girly stuff. I'll see if I can get one together for a boy. Anyway, the reason I'm talking about this is because I decided to make a crayon roll. only not for crayons but for coloured pencils. Oh my goodness, they are so easy to make. I made it in half an hour. I think I might have to make more of these for gifts.
  • Remember how Josh's car broke down on our way home from our getaway?? Well, turns out the timing belt broke. The guy that fixed it said that normally when a timing belt goes the whole engine is ruined. He said we were "lucky" but I know it was God watching out for us. He replaced that belt and another belt that was wearing thin and instead of the price for a new car we only had to pay $300. Isn't God good?
  • Spring is definitely here. It's been such beautiful weather. I ordered a bunch of veggie seeds and can't wait to start planting. Of course Josh needs to build my garden beds first. =)
  • I think it was Cocoa who had the other great planting idea. She and her children took several seed packets and dumped them into a bag of potting mix she had emptied into a wheelbarrow. They mixed it all up and then spread it on the ground where they wanted their flower garden to grow. Jess sent me some flower seeds last week that we all want to use so that's what I'm thinking I'll do. I need to keep it in a contained area that's easy for Josh to mow around so I think maybe I'll get a plastic sandpit/pool thing and do it in that.
  • my garden out the front is just amazing. Flowers everywhere. And the roses are blooming. Gorgeous!
Well, that's all for today. I'm off to make mac n cheese for lunch. toodles!!

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The Wandering Woman said...

Send me some seeeds! I'm into planting...but nothing to plant yet. Shane did the garden bed for me this weekend! Let me know what you are planting/planted. Can I have some off cuts?
Love ya