Monday, September 22, 2008

Goals for the week

  • Type what we have so far for the church directory
  • finish proof reading the chorus book for church
  • Correct the mistakes in the chorus book and give it to Josh to print
  • Do the bulletin for Sunday
  • finish the doll I started on Saturday
  • finish the seasons blocks
  • seal the nativity scene blocks and put the stars on the stables
  • no pull-ups for Beka during the days
  • no pull-ups for Emma at night
  • keep the house tidy
  • no eating out
  • finish the school room
  • tidy the craft room
That's enough isn't it? =)

Menu for the week:
Monday-beef stroganoff with rice and noodles
Tuesday-youth planning meeting. Pizza I think (does this count as eating out? I'm gonna say "no" since we aren't paying.) =)
Thursday-chicken of some sort. =)


Elleona said...

Trois jolies demoiselles allant vers le bord de l'eau !
Bonjour de France.

Saminda said...

How sweet to have a comment left by a French reader!

Just wanted to say I like this idea of posting weekly goals. Might do it myself....

I like the sound of your week too. Very productive!