Sunday, April 20, 2008

Young Adults

Josh and I have been asked to host the Young Adults group on a Saturday evening in May. We've also been asked to come up with some fun activity while they are at our house. Any ideas? This group is from 11th grade up through young marrieds. Basically ages 17 - 26. We enjoy spending time with this group but our main focus is the youth group so we don't always get to spend time with these guys.

May is Missions Month at our church so something missions minded would be nice but I don't know what. Plus it needs to be interesting. Marlana, you and Shane interested in sharing about Vietnam, show us how to cook something Vietnamese or something? =) Anyway, if anyone has some great interesting ideas for me I would welcome all suggestions.

Food related themes are always good too. There again I can't seem to think of something really good. Maybe a taco bar and then an ice cream bar? or maybe waffles/pancakes with heaps of different toppings? I don't know. HELP!!


The Wandering Woman said...

Hey! Missions month! Well...give me a call and I'll see what we can do :)! I bet I could at least show you how to cook something!!!!

Saminda said...

I've been thinking but have come up with nothing Tamra! Hope Marlana can help you out there.

Anonymous said...

Dad suggested plaing some pictionary with word from a missions background - countries, their work, etc