Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Girls' Holidays

Gwen took such great pictures of the girls that I thought I would post some of each girl separately because I couldn't just pick a few to add to this post. They had so much fun with Grandma while they were gone and I think she had just as much fun. Here's an excerpt of Gwen's email she sent with some pics last night.

Well today we blew bubbles, went to the circus (but they wouldn't let us take photos inside, which was a shame as Catie & Emma had a pony ride at intermission - would have made such a cute photo - so just a couple of photos from a ride outside the tent) then we went for lunch to the Arkarra Tea Gardens and a 'bush walk around the ponds out there. The girls were all calling for naps by the time we got home at around 4:00pm, - really too late for a nap so we just lay down on my bed and watched a dvd. Seemed to perk everyone up enough to have dinner etc.
The girls enjoyed 'reliving the circus' with Uncle Matthew at dinner time, and insisted on putting hairbands in the little toy lions that we got in showbags at the circus when I was doing their hair after bathtime!!
Needless to say I have had just as much fun as the girls!!

I'm pretty sure the girls will have a bit of letdown after such a fun couple of days. I happened to see Gwen and the girls at the grocery store yesterday afternoon and Catie was quick to remind me that they still had one sleep at Grandma's! =) I am so thankful that one set of grandparents lives so close and the girls can spend time with them. Now, if we can just talk mom and dad into coming for an extended stay. =)

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Saminda said...

Wow Tamra, how nice for the girls (and for you, too!) to have such a wonderful few days with their Grandma. She's a blessing!
ANd that photo of Beka down the bottom with the cheeky grin is absolutely gorgeous.