Thursday, April 3, 2008

Oh my goodness!!!

Well, you know a day isn't going to go right when you make a trip to the ER at 11:00 the night before. And today isn't going well. It's 9:30 in the morning and already the girls have had 3 hitting, screaming fights. At the moment they are shut up in C & E's room until they can all be nice to each other. It's been 10 minutes and I'm still hearing things banging and some crying. =(

Catie hasn't been well this week. There is a bug going around that makes your stomach and head hurt. She's had that and had a fever around 100.5F. She seems to be over it now but with being sick and a couple days at school she's tired and cranky. Beka is alright. She has been getting up earlier since she knows how to climb out of bed and open her door. So she's been a little cranky plus pre-prep really wore her out it seems. Emma seemed to be fine until last night. She started crying soon after she went to bed and it kept up until 11:00 at which point we took her to the ER. I'll spare you the details but the short story is worms!! So, we have to make a trip to the chemist today to get worm medication for the entire family. And I have to wash all the sheets and disinfect the toilets. Neither of which are today's jobs. but I have the kitchen cleaning on today's schedule for a reason because the rubbish goes out tomorrow so today's the best option for cleaning out the fridge. I also need to make the cakes and frosting for Emma and Jake's party tomorrow night. Because the swim carnival is tomorrow and the girls want to be at the pool all day. (not going to happen.) and we have an early youth group after which is their party. So, I'm a little cranky too =) But that's life isn't it?

So, I'm praying that the worm treatment works, the girls take LONG naps, Josh can go to the chemist for me, I have energy to do all the jobs I need to and the cakes go together easily.

I'm glad that it isn't raining so the laundry can get dry, the weather is cooler, the girls are now playing nicely in their room, I get to do something I love (decorating cakes), we get to go swimming tomorrow, and even with a crappy week the house still looks mostly tidy.

I've got a post ready for tomorrow to celebrate Emma's birthday and it has heaps of pics. Then I'm sure I'll have more pics on Saturday from Emma's party. See you then! =)


Anonymous said...

What a bad week for Emma to be sick. Hope the treatment works for all of you. Wish I were there to help with the sanitizing.

Looking forward to the pics and all

Anonymous said...

Oh honey! I'm sorry it is such a rough week! *hug* Wish I could come and give you a hand, and let the kids occupy each other!
Hang in there!!!