Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Nathan!!

We hope you have a wonderful day and lots of yummy cake. The girls send you lots of cuddles and kisses.

I know the picture is old so tell Mommy to start a blog and upload some recent pics. =) Or at least to send Auntie Tamra some new pics of you and your brother and sister.

(Debbie, I'm admitting to being a bad Auntie--can you please remind me what his middle name is? And Tanya, how do you spell Adreyn's middle name??)


Tanya said...

Adreyn Mikailah, Tristan Kreig, Rehanyn Noelle. Remind me of Catie and Emma's middle names, please. Speaking of bad Auntie--I totally forgot that it is Nathan's birthday!

Anonymous said...

I remembered!! Even got his card and package there on time - I hope. I sent it on time anyway. Enjoyed the pictures with the girls

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys! Just seeing this now! :) Having a rough time keeping things together lately. (Hrmp) Love those pics ... In tears reading this all ... not sure if its joy, sad, or what? I haven't even checked the mail today ... crazy me! Todd is not home from work yet (Thursdays are late days now) its 7:15 so maybe there are birthday surprises for him! :) Anyhow ... I can't believe our baby - Nathan James - is 2 today! So bitter sweet!
I've thought about a blog, but I/We are so bad about pictures these days, and I feel like I hardly have anything to share. :-/
Anyway, thanks again!!! :)